VIDEO: An Introduction to Glint

Published on
January 4, 2023

Full transcript:

Jason (Founder and CEO) :

Hi. I’m Jason, the founder and CEO of Glint, and today I would like to invite you to invest in what many believe is the future of money. 

For many years, I’ve been concerned about the unfair monetary system. I’ve seen careful savers wealth decimated by the greatest stealth tax of all time - inflation. I’ve watched the divide growing between the haves and the have-nots and witnessed in an economy that perpetually distorts itself on wave after wave of economic boom and bust. 

I knew there has to be a solution, so we created Glint. 

Andy Barlow (Creative & Brand Engagement Director) :

Glint puts you in control of your money, enabling anyone to buy as little as a penny to millions of pounds of dollars worth of gold. With glint, you can buy, sell, save, send and actually spend real allocated gold using the glint app and debit master card. 

Mark Follows (Chief Compliance Officer) :

Our platform also supports GBP, USD and Euro, with more currencies coming online soon, putting you in control of your money. In the UK Glint is regulated by the financial conduct authority as an electronic money institution, our clients gold is held securely in a bank’s vault in brink’s Switzerland and ensured by brink with Lloyds of London. 

All our client gold is physical and allocated, owned directly by them, with no fund, crypto or bank sitting between them and their gold. 

Jason (Founder and CEO) :

Glint has continued to thrive in a worsening economic climate. Out-of-control inflation, escalating government debt and skyrocketing energy bills. Many have lost fortunes in this year’s stock market and crypto corrections, so it might feel like you have no clear avenue for your investments. And this is exactly why I’m talking to you today. Right now, we have both the opportunity and the capability to scale to build a new global gold-based financial service ecosystem outside of but connect to conventional banking. 

This is what we call GoldFi.

So why gold? Gold is unique. It’s created when two neutron stars collide, so its nature cannot be corrupted by governments or central banks, and its supply is incredibly scarce. Trusted globally, it is proven to be a reliable store of value for millennia and until relatively recently backed the US dollar, the reserve currency of the world. It is the currency of last resort for wise investors and central banks, a hedge against inflation and risk in the financial system. 

Today Glint is experiencing rapid growth.

We have revolutionized how anyone can save, share and spend their hard-earned money moving away from depreciating fiat currencies by using state-of-the-art technology and the time on its security of gold. 

We now have over 150,000 registered users in the UK and the US. Double what we had at the last year’s funding round, and we are growing at a rate of around 15,000 per month. And we aim to be fully operational in Europe by the end of the year. Quarter on quarter, our revenues are up 130% reaching a $1.75million annual run rate revenue 

Yaks Assangha (Senior Product Manager) :

We have recently launched a glint gold portal for wealth managers and have other new revenue streams coming soon, such as a premium tier for high network and a crypto bridge that enables glint clients to buy gold using crypto-currencies ideal for off ramp in risk based crypto gains into a more reliable store of wealth to be used as everyday money outside of the banking system. 

Thanks to Glint’s ability to offer unprecedented liquidity of gold. 

Jason (Founder and CEO) :

Our vision is a wold where everyone has an equal opportunity to prosper. 

So that’s why we’re opening this funding round to give as many for you as possible the chance to be part of our future success. 

This is your chance to join institutional investors like Sprott Inc, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange and Sibanye Stillwater still by Cube Innovation Fund and be part of the very future of money. 

Bradly Collins (Director, Bray Capital) :

Typically, Bray Capital invests in early startup businesses there, maybe within the first few months of establishment or it might be the first few years. 

We’re looking for a great idea with a business, with innovation, and disruptive businesses. 

But we also need a team that can deliver on the potential of the business and we feel that Glint has both of those boxes ticked. 

The opportunity is huge, the potential is global, and we believe the team have all the right characteristics to be able to deliver on that full opportunity. 

Jason (Founder and CEO) :

Let’s begin this next leg of our journey together, as we say at Glint, “Gold is security, Glint its key”

Equity investments are not readily realisable and involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Investments of this type are only for investors who understand these risks. You will only be able to invest in the company once you have met our conditions for becoming a registered member.

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